Best dental bone grafting methods – Bone Graft Tooth

Bone Graft Tooth is basically a dental-surgical procedure where missing tooth or bone-fractures are being treated well. Different kinds of grafting materials are being used for supporting this method. Some of these materials are organic in nature while others are synthetic. On the basis of these materials, the grafting-methods are being categorized into varied categories.

You have to choose the right category in accordance of your dental need and oral flexibility. Moreover, the dentist will also take this decision on your behalf on the basis of your oral condition so that you can get the maximized benefits. If you are in need of a permanent solution then you have to choose the most durable material. Grafting method helps in maintaining a completely natural smile on your face in the long run.

Bone Graft Tooth

Some people feel that grafting method is very much expensive; therefore you have to look for the most cost-effective option that actually suits your budget.

Best dental bone-grafting methods

•    Osteoconduction: In this case, the grafting-material plays the role of a scaffold so that new bone-growth can be promoted being perpetuated by native bone. Osteoblast from defective margins is being grafted by the use of grafting materials so that concrete framework can be created. Here, the material is nothing but an osteoconductive.

•    Osteoinduction: Osteoprogenitor cells can be effectively stimulated for differentiating osteoblasts leading to new bone-formation. Faster graft-integration can be promoted out here and BMPs are treated as the best osteoinductive cell-mediators.

•    Osteopromotion: Osteoinduction enhancement is enhanced without possessing osteoinductive properties. But in this case, not only new bone-growth is being stimulated.

•    Osteogenesis: This kind of condition occurs when grafting-material osteoblasts lead towards new bone-growth normally and from other mechanisms.

•    Autograft: Bones can be received from intra-oral sources for the purpose of transplantation. This is one of the most advanced and specialized bone-grafting methods of the era. In this case, patients are their own bone-donors and this is the special thing. This kind of Bone Graft Tooth can be conducted only under clinical supervision and thus the patients need to visit the nearest dental clinic.

•    Dentin graft: Extracted teeth can be utilized for preparing this graft and this is why almost eighty-five percent of tooth-structure is involved in this grafting. Both Tooth-structure and HA mineral are being used for making the grafting stronger than anything. Different useful clinical methods are also being added for maintaining bacteria-free oral condition. Some of these procedures are dental cleaning, sorting and grinding.

•    Allografts: Autogenous bones are being used and those bones are completely extracted from human sources. Bone-banks can be one of the leading sources where donors’ bones can be easily availed. Those living-beings who have willing donated their bones can be collected by these banks. These bones are in requirement when Allografts are made. Available bone-types for allografting are FDBA, fresh-frozen bone and DFDBA.

•    Synthetic variants: Bioglass, calcium phosphates and calcium sulphates are the three most important grafting materials that can be used for developing this artificial bone-grafting. Biological activity can be increased with the effects of growth-factors. Graft-rejections and infections are not found in this grafting procedure and this is why you can consider the same as the safest and simplest one. Both bone-mineral density and Osteoblast proliferation can be booted up with this method.

•    Xenografts: Xenograft-bones are being represented by calcified matrix. These grafts are coral-based and calcium carbonate is found in them. Hydrothermal procedure is being used out here for the sake of transforming Hydroxylapatite industrially. Better resorption is being guaranteed by these Xenografts. Growth-enhancing solution and gels can be used for saturating coral-Xenografts.

•    Alloplastic grafts: Hydroxylapatite can be used in this process as one of the most vital grafting materials.  This material is completely an organic mineral as a result of which natural grafting can be boosted up. In some cases, other materials are also being used for serving the concerned purpose like bioactive glass, calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate and others. This kind of grafting is very much durable and thus it lasts for a long time. Moreover, oral infections can be efficiently handled by means of this grafting. Both restorability and Osteoconduction effects can be gained from this grafting process.